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Interior Designer

A product of the Deep South, Heather has

pulled her design taste from the variety of

natural elements she’s grown up surrounded

by. Light and bright like the Gulf of Mexico,

deep and moody like Alabama’s beautiful

lakes, texturous and natural like the southern

mountain ranges. A traditionalist at heart,

Heather loves a room that gives a nod to a

hand crafted past.


“I’ve always been traditional in style, but I

love a contemporary element. I always try to

give a classic design a twist.”


A love of texture and interesting lighting, one of her biggest goals is aiming to make the space livable. A mother of four, Heather knows how to make a space beautiful, yet functional.


“I love to walk into a space and be surrounded by beauty, but what good is that beauty if you can’t enjoy it?”


When she first looks at a space, she takes time to get to know the client and understand what their life looks like and how the space can serve them. Whether it is 40,000 feet in elevation, or settled in on the lakeshore, Heather knows how to surround her client with a space that feels like home.

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